Tiffany C. Bailey

 "Pastoral Perspectives"

February 3,2017 - March 25,2017


"A Scene Framed For Viewing"

"A Scene Framed For Viewing"

Beginning our 2017 exhibition season, Plinth Gallery is pleased to present “Pastoral Perspectives”, new ceramic constructions by Tiffany C. Bailey. The artist received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in ceramics from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Clair and her Masters of Fine Arts degree in ceramics from Arizona State University. Additionally, she was an artist in residence at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemet Hungary and the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen China. Currently, Bailey is a full-time faculty member and head of the ceramics department at Phoenix College in Phoenix Arizona and maintains a studio practice in Tempe.


Bailey’s ceramic work is influenced by the study of the shape and surface of the landscape of her childhood home in Southwest Wisconsin. Composed of farmland, pastures, bluffs, and hills, she translates this topography into a personal narrative constructed from slip-cast porcelain elements. The architectural references in her pieces emphasize the importance of place and how it links to her personal memory. Through use of detailed drawings, maps, and other ceramic surface decoration, she has developed a visual vocabulary of place making that is both intimate and personal

“To create a separation of my intimate emotion from the scenery, I distill the landscape down to basic elements.  By doing so, I hope it allows you to more fully connect with the work and suggest the possibility of further investigation. Further, it may possibly trigger a personal memory that reconnects you to a distant person or significant place.”  

Jonathan Kaplan, Plinth Gallery Curator suggests that “her constructions are reduced to simple elements that become her interpretations of landscape. They suggest place, time and context. Experiencing her work, we can relate to a memory or occurrence from our own personal history.”

Tiffany C. Bailey’s exhibition “Pastoral Perspectives” opens February 3, 2017 from 6pm-9pm with an artist’s reception. The exhibition will remain on view through March 25, 2017 and is free and open to the public.